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Whats new?  4/11/2010  Three more months down!  A new movie with us opening Christmas presents along with three more months of pictures.  Sorry about February, we had a memory card malfunction.  :-(

12/29/2009  Wow! Super slackers! Nine months of pictures and movies.  Start at March in the pictures and December of 2007 for the movie of the month.

3/9/2009 - Slacking again.  Christmas was great.  We took down the large silver maple in our front yard.  Pictures for Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb.

11/16/08 - More pictures.   Sorry we are pretty boring.  Check out April, May, June, July, Charlotte Weekly, October, and September updates.  I like this one.

10/4/08 - That didn't last long did it?  The new site was more trouble than it was worth.  We are back to the old boring text site.  Huskers are losing pretty badly at halftime :-( Sooo, time to update the site.  I am in the orchestra, Mary is playing volleyball and become a Pampered Chef Consultant.  Work is great, and the solar panels are all installed.  Unfortunately we cannot turn them on all day long because the electric utility, Xcel, has not changed my meter to allow me to supply power to the grid with out being charged for it.  Weird huh.  Oh well, check out our meter here.  

7/18/08 - Ok the new site is live.  Soon this page will automatically redirect.  For now, either click the link, or navigate your browser to We will be migrating some of the content from here over to the new site, and we will always keep a link to the old page from the new.

6/24/08 - Migrating away from this boring old page.  Check out the work in progress.  HERE

5/4/08 - Wow, something new this week.  We are now homeowners.  We hesitate to put our address on the web page, but if you call us or email us (see the bottom of the page) we will gladly let you know our new address.  Check out the photos.  The photos are from when we first saw the house.  Not after we moved in (those will come later).

4/21/08 - Nothing new, except it is more and more like spring around here.  I biked to work today for the first time this spring.

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Us  This is a site we started devoted to our various hobbies, and to help us keep up with our friends. Enjoy!

We both grew up on farms in rural Nebraska and attended the the University there. While at Nebraska, we met and completed our degrees in diversified agriculture with a minor in horticulture and electrical engineering. After graduation Mary and I traveled to Pennsylvania so I could complete my Masters in electrical engineering. After two years at Penn State, I started a job in Syracuse, NY. Then in May of 2006 I transfered to Minnesota. Then again in April of 2007 we moved to North of Denver, Colorado.  That is were we are currently, enjoying central Colorado with our two daughters.

Mary and I both enjoy gardening and are currently gardening in our back yard. I also enjoy fooling around on the computer, playing the trombone in a local orchastra and jazz band, and of course, electrical engineering.

Below we have listed some of our hobbies with links to some of the interesting things we have found on each subject. Hopefully our ideas and experience can help you out.

Check out some of our friends' and relatives' web pages too. (Let us know guys!)

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