Ok so I bought a new ML401 development board from Xilinx.  It has a Virtex 4 chip on it.  I had originally wanted to get the USB running.  After 2 months I gave up and started out by programming the uart serial interface first.  That took no time to do with the various examples from Xilinx and Jim Patchell.

What I want to do with this page is customize it for the ML401, because I was having such a hard time getting it running.  Soon I will post all the code that I can get to work on this board in its entirety so other people can use it to get started.  Hopefully, I can learn a lot from them too.

Simple UART code to talk to Hyperterminal in Windows (I am using Xilinx's free Webpack development software and Coregen)

Currently I'm looking to get my USB, LCD, and Xilinx's uart to work.  Any advice or questions contact:

coreyandmary (at) yahoo (dot) com

Picture of my Xilinx ML401

Last updated 7/15/06