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3/17/08 - Happy St. Patricks Day!  Rhiannon is growing, I am enjoying playing in the orchestra and jazz band.  The jazz band had a gig and it was sold out!  I had one small solo.  Mary has 16 weeks to go, and we are currently debating the merits of names like Pompey and Octavious (I am not winning).  

2/3/08 - More pics from December and January.  Work has been awesome, and Mary is at week 18.  Rhiannon's vocabulary is expanding exponentially.

12/16/2007 - We are expecting!  Rhiannon will become a sister next July! We also updated the Movie of the Month section. 

10/28/07 - Happy Birthday Rhiannon!  Two Years Old 

10/7/07 - Boy, we are getting lazier and lazier updating this page huh?  We are working on a more modern version, but it may take a couple of months to get the kinks ironed out.  I bought a kill-a-watt to test how much power everything in our house was using.  The conclusion?  Unfortunately it looks like in a normal fall month Corey's 5 computers make up half of our 60 dollar electric bill.  :-(  We don't know if this is bad because of the computers or good that we use so little electricity elsewhere in the house.  If anyone would like to borrow the kill-a-watt to test out their apliances, just drop us a line.  Last night we saw the Husker Volleyball team kick Colorado's butt.  It was fun.  See a lot of you at Cindy's Wedding!  Oh and I joined a Jazz Band.

9/3/07 - Go Huskers.  Nebraska got off to a great start this season in both football and volleyball.  Rhiannon is proudly wearing her red.  I took my amateur radio tests a week ago and bought my first dual band radio on Saturday before the game.  Now I go by KD0BMN on the airwaves.

8/20/07 - Hot and dry in Colorado these days.  Corey is busy building a brain in the basement and Mary is busy kicking butt in volleyball, while Rhiannon is enjoying her beans.  Both Grandmas and Grandpas came and visited in the last month.  Thanks!  Everyone else... Come see us!

7/8/07 – Boy oh boy what a difference a month makes. Well, I built myself a new computer. Dual socket, dual core (capable of quad core) monster that I can't wait to stress test. Mary picked out a used car for us. She found a 2002 Taurus wagon from South Dakota that is now ours. Rhiannon is still growing like a weed and is now copying more and more syllables. (I almost have cal cu lus out of her)

6/11/07 -- Boy we are getting lazy with the pictures huh?  We are now enjoying Colorado immensely with plenty of hikes and family to visit.  Volleyball has been fun for Mary.  I finally found a band/orchestra to play in and the first concert is a patriotic concert on July 1st, and work has been excellent building big lasers and all.

5/21/07 -- Still getting settled in, but we do have April and May's Pictures up.

5/15/07 -- FINALLY MOVED!!!!  It will be a week or so, but we have a ton of pictures to put up.  Be patient.

3/31/07 -- Getting ready to move. The website will be down for about four weeks while we move into a new home.   

3/13/07 -- We are moving to Denver!!  Found an awesome job with my current employer in the mile high city.

3/11/07 -- It has been a month since our last update, but we added a bunch.  Finally took the time to figure out Flash Videos on Linux, so now all the Movies of the Month are current.  Also February and March Photos are up.  Also we would encourage you check the homepage often this week because we may have some big news!  Have fun.

2/11/07 -- Bundling up in Minnesota, we are having a heat wave with highs in the teens.  Haven't seen positive double digits for three weeks.  New pics for January and February.  

1/27/07 -- Carissa has converted to Linux!  Way to go sis for moving from the Dark Side!  Now for the rest of you relatives to make the switch.  Oh, and DONT BUY VISTA.  Ok I'm done ranting.  Kind of cold in Minnesota these days.  Rhiannon is growing like a weed, and is now 31 inches tall and 25 lbs.  She loves Linux!

1/8/07 -- Happy New Year!  Went home for the holidays and took a bunch of pictures.

12/17/06 -- Closing out '06, nice knowing yah.  More pictures of us in the album, but be sure to check out the shots of Corey and the band.  Go Huskers!  Over thanksgiving weekend we were lucky enough to not only go home but also get free tickets to the Husker game versus Colorado.  It was a blast.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Hahn and Tejral.  Rhiannon is growing like a weed.  She is wearing size 7 shoes, and 24 month clothes!  Rhiannon can understand us talk, but cannot verbalize anything yet.  We are working on getting movies of the month up, but since our conversion from Windows to Ubuntu Linux, I have not found a great movie converter for the web page yet.  Oh, and Mary has posted the recipe for her yummy Double Fudge Cream Cheese Brownies!       

11/19/06 -- Corey has been updating his blog more, recently.  More pictures are up now. Corey has been making great progress with his FPGA and will soon have more code posted. Since Rhiannon has turned a year old, pictures to this site will be less frequent. 

10/30/06 -- Rhiannon had her first birthday.  It was fun.  Week before last we took a trip to Wisconsin and Illinois to visit some friends.

10/15/06 -- Pictures and it snowed a little bit for three days in a row, but no accumulation.

10/8/06 -- More pictures.  Yesterday we went and visited a couple of coworkers.  It was fun.

9/30/06 -- Two weeks worth of pictures. Mary and Rhiannon made it back to a high school friends wedding. We have given up on Windows with its viruses and trojans and switched over to Ubuntu Linux. It was pretty painless.

9/16/06 -- More pictures and a new movie of the month.  Glad to see the Huskers at 2 and 0 as well as the volleyball team starting the season at 8 and 0.  Corey starts the community band this week.

9/10/06 -- Not a whole lot going on.  Huskers are winning and we are happy.  Check out the newest Husker fan.

9/3/06 -- Grandpa and Grandma Hahn and Uncle Colton came to visit.  Fun was had by all!  Cleaned up the pictures a bit and added September.

8/26/06 -- Had a nice visit with Jeff, Laurna, Omer, and others. Rhiannon enjoyed the sculpture garden so much that she fell asleep.

8/19/06 -- New pictures for August and two movies.

8/12/06 -- Finished up July pictures and caught up with August's.  After our great vacation in Nebraska over the first week in August, we are now watching Rhiannon take her first steps on her own this week.  Unfortunately we are too excited and too slow catch it on video, maybe next week.

7/22/06 -- Grandpa and Grandma Tejral came and visited, and we had a good time.  Check out this weeks pictures.  Also we started our cooking and recipes page.  It is a little sparse, but up.

7/15/06 -- More pictures, and an update to the FPGA page.

7/8/06 -- More pictures, a July movie already, and some updates to the front page so it isn't so cluttered.

7/1/06 -- More pictures, a June movie, and a rearranging of the old pictures.

6/24/2006 -- Ok, we caught up this morning on the pictures, but that is it for now.  Minnesota is great, and work is great too.  Rhiannon is crawling very well now and can stand up by pulling herself up.  A mobile baby is making the unpacking go a little slower...

6/21/2006 -- Were Back!  Give us a little time to update the page.  We are currently unpacking and getting settled in to central Minnesota.

5/19/06  --  More May baby pictures are up.  Just a warning that since we are moving, the website will be down while we move and order a broadband connection.  Hopefully we will be up by the 5th of June.  Until then, will be redirected to my blog.

5/12/06 -- We are moving!!  Minnesota here we come!  I successfully interviewed and am now transferring to the company's Minnesota facilities.  We are very excited to be moving MUCH closer to home and will be in Minnesota by June 1st. 

5/6/06 -- Two weeks worth of pictures.  Check out the end of April and the new May.  We also reordered the old pictures of Rhiannon into a weekly order so we could see her progress as she grows.  The May movie of the month is up.  My blog has some new entries, and I made some additions to 
the Biodiesel page.